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Collinson Crowdfunding’s experienced team helps your business to raise funds to support exciting projects and growth. Our licensed platform allows companies to sell shares to the public, using a simple offer process. Equity crowdfunding is a new way for companies to access capital and there have already been many successful capital raises using this type of financing in New Zealand. We will work with you to make the process as simple as possible.

We are licensed to provide our services by New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority.

Key benefits of our services include:

  • No need for complex offer documents like a prospectus/product disclosure statement (PDS)- you prepare offer information that fits your business (we have a template to guide you).

  • You can make the offer to anyone, not just experienced investors, relatives and close business associates.

  • We have a simple web portal to make the offer and provide documents to investors- we collect funds from investors and pay them to you on completion of a successful offer. Support from us to list your offer and to engage with investors.

  • Any company can use our service, including early stage companies as well as more mature companies. We support offers of property projects (see the Property Companies page for more information).


  1. Register in our website and fill in the Fund raising form.
  2. We will contact and initial discussions with you.
  3. You sign our client agreement – we then carry out legally required due diligence and other checks.
  4. You prepare the offer information and ready for marketing campaign. 
  5. Launch your marketing activity.
  6. The campaign go live. 
  7. Hit your funding goal.
  8. Get your fund after deduct service fee.
  9. Delivery your campaign and update.


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